True charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense.


  • Mentorship and Guidance for Personal Development.
  • Economic Empowerment and Community Development.
  • Impowerment through Education and Skill Development.


DIVD Charity is an organization that supports projects and initiatives that benefit the public welfare and the creation of promising programs that contribute to the vision of DIVD Charity. We want to help everyone develop their talents so that they will have a positive social impact through their participation.


DIVD.charity, in dynamic collaboration with DIVD.Academy and DIVD.Fund, spearheads a transformative initiative to uplift underserved communities. Through the establishment of Community Education Centers powered by DIVD.Academy, the aim is to provide comprehensive access to education, vocational training, and digital literacy programs. These centers will become hubs for skill development and personal growth, fostering empowerment and innovation in areas with limited resources. Partnering with DIVD.Fund launching a microfinance program supporting aspiring entrepreneurs with accessible loans, invaluable mentorship, and dedicated business development support. This collective effort is poised to not only invigorate local economies but also ignite individual potential, creating a ripple effect of progress and opportunity. Additionally, the creation of an online mentorship platform further enriches this landscape by seamlessly connecting passionate professionals with individuals eager for guidance across various domains. These endeavors underscore DIVD.charity's dedication to catalyzing positive change, uplifting lives, and fostering inclusive growth for those in need.


  • Empowerment and Inclusivity
  • Collaborative Engagement
  • Continuous Improvement